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Our Values

We believe in providing high-quality deliverables that can enhance our customers' lives, and generate meaningful connections with their audiences.

In 2019, a recent Conestoga Graduate embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, setting out to create a clothing brand tailored for young women entrepreneurs. Her path, however, took an unexpected turn. While initially searching for a ‘local logo designer,’ she stumbled upon a significant gap in the market – businesses struggling to effectively reach their target audiences.

Navjot, armed with seven years of experience as a Digital Marketing Manager, possessed a deep understanding of content generation, marketing strategies, and audience targeting. Fate intervened, and Navjot found herself at a crossroads, realizing her potential to not only realize her entrepreneurial dream but also empower others to do the same.


We conduct business with honesty, transparency, and a commitment to ethical principles.


We continuously seek new and better ways to solve problems and drive progress.


We embrace change and believe in adapting quickly to evolving circumstances and technologies.

Always Dream to make a difference. 

As the saying goes, intricate pieces can coalesce to create grand masterpieces. Fast forward to 2022, when Navjot crossed paths with Lovey Dhillon, a dynamic business luminary and digital media entrepreneur. It was this meeting that gave birth to Ecommerce Builders Inc., a testament to their shared vision.

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